Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Day Wild ones!!!

It seems like a colossal task to fix climate change and the impact it has on our environment. But the small steps we make together make a huge impact for a better future. 

Making more conscious and sustainable choices in the way we consume products will enable us to live in harmony with nature.

Watch our instagram stories to check out our sustainable favourites! 

All of our vegan and eco friendly products are in the 'VEGAN' drop down on our website. We are offering our local customers 10% off all products today if you bring your own bag.

We LOVVVVVE candles at Wild and tonight we invite you to keep your lights off this evening and get lit!!! Please tag us, and get involved!

Here are some other easy ways we can contribute to Earth Day not just today but always:

- Eat a more plant based diet : )

- Reduce plastic consumption 

- Shop Local 

- Bring your own bag

- Get involved with your local community

- Walk or cycle and use your car only when you really need to

- Holiday at home, this country is beautiful!