This week is about getting back on my feet, this year my body has been through bouts of ilnesses one after the other. It's so tempting to just reach for the junk food but I need to focus on aiding my body into recovery and putting in what illness and antibiotics stole from me! 

The most important things for recovery are Vitamin C, Probiotics, Hydration and protein. 

I wanted to talk about gut health and how important it is for our general wellbeing. 

What makes a healthy gut?

Our gut environment houses trillions of bacteria and fungi although, everyones is different just like the fingerprint. It's about boosting your tummys unique microbiome by maintaining a balanced gut flora of prebiotics and probiotcs feeding it lots of lovely mood foods.  

Why is a balanced gut so important for our  wellbeing?

They say our gut is like our second brain, it has many important duties such as fighting off infections, digestive functions and absorbing nutrients to ensure that all your organs are operating at their best. It has a massive impact on our metabolism, immune system, appettite and mood. The gut wall acts as a barrier to filter any undigested food and nasty toxins.

 What affects our tummy health?

- Consuming too much Alchohol      -Lack of Sleep             -Lack of a diverse Diet

-Antibiotics                     -Lack of Physical Activity                                 -Stress

Some Healthy Gut Foods:

Prebiotic Sources: Flaxseeds, bananas, oats, garlic, onions, leeks, seaweed, chicory root....

Probiotic Sources: Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, pickles....

I recommend: Beauty Chef Cleanse Powder

If you're the type that doesn't like to faff around swallowing supplements and ain't that keen on fermented foods then I highly recommend the 'Cleanse' powder from Beauty Chef. It has over 35 nutrient rich ingredients including bio fermented greens, pre and pro biotics, dygestive name it. It's in there. This really works for me as it's hassle free. All I do is bang a teaspoon of that in my smoothie every morning and job done. I'm about to embark on their 14 day cleanse plan, wish me luck.

Happy Health!