What Are Toxins And How Can We Fight Them?

If you've ever read up on juice cleanses or the benefits of certain teas, you'll have heard about toxins and our attempts to get rid of them. But what exactly are toxins and what do they do to our bodies?

A toxin is an organic poison. And unfortunately no matter where you live or work, you'll be encountering and consuming toxins from a variety of sources. From our cleaning products to our foods, beauty products, pharmaceutical drugs, and general pollution, you name it, it's probably got something harmful in it. Whilst most of us can go through daily life without worrying about these poisons, when we do get ill it's often as a result of overexposure to toxins and germs. 


Without delving into the science too much, the body's functions are reliant upon enzymes to produce molecules and cell structures. Enzymes are damaged by toxins and exposure dramatically slows down our cell renewal and our ability to fight off disease. The worst part? It accelerates ageing! 

Parabens and sulphates are harmful toxins found in so many beauty products that are on the high street today in order to give products a long shelf life. But in doing so, they actually speed up the ageing process in your skin.


Always search for products with naturally-derived ingredients, zero preservatives and anti-oxidants that are found in many superfoods and plants. Much of the high street manmade skincare creates a barrier to the skin by terminating chain reactions that create oxidisation. Any damage to our cells stops them from renewing, which in turn causes us to age more quickly.

Switch to organic/natural products and produce. Choose sustainable eco-friendly and reusable items wherever you can. Recycle! You'll find that you can still have all the things you need! 

Good for the environment:

Chilly's Thermal Bottles/Coffee Cups

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Good for your face: 

Grown Alchemist Age Repair Moisturiser-Phyto-Peptide & White Tea Extract

Why we love it: This skin-saving moisturiser contains phyto-peptides which reduces depth and appearance of wrinkles, white tea (contains radical-fighting antioxidants that improve skins elasticity), AND amino acids - naturally occurring peptides that smooth and tone.

Natura Turmeric Sheet Mask (Radiating and Cell Renewing)

Why we love it: This gorgeous smelling mask contains turmeric. Not just great for your food recipes, turmeric also has brightening and anti-ageing qualities for the skin. The perfect toxin-fighter!