Seoulista Rosy Glow Primer Gift Set

Get photo-ready skin in just 5 minutes
Fast-acting for instantaneous results, the SEOULISTA ROSY GLOW PRIMER™ uses hi-tech K-Beauty innovation to refine skin for perfect and long-lasting makeup in one simple step.

Created and tested by dermatologists, this powerful priming mask helps to hydrate and plump, improve tone and texture and minimise pores for an airbrush effect, offering the perfect canvas for the application of make-up or that extra boost of confidence on make-up free days.  



  1. Minimises pores
  2. Plumps and hydrates
  3. Evens and smooths skin tone

The super charged formula is blended with more than 12 active ingredients including:

    • Bulgarian Rose Oil and Niacinamide to smooth the skin
    • AHAs  to brighten the skin tone
    • Hyaluronic Acid for skin-quenching hydration
    • Eucalyptus to calm inflammation and redness in the complexion

Step 1 - Peel off film and apply to cleansed skin
Step 2 - Wait 5 minutes
Step 3 - Remove and pat remaining serum into skin

No need for any skincare, you're ready to apply make-up or enjoy a naturally fresh-faced glow. Make-up lasts longer, and your skin will look fresh all day!

Lan Nguyen-Grealis - Celebrity MUA:"Rosy Glow Primer has become a must-have in my makeup kit. I love the smooth base it creates and the instant transformation to my models' skin- and so do they"

Gia Mills - Celebrity MUA:
"This product is GENIUS. It works wonders to create a flawless dewy base in a flash! Great for shoots when you want to quickly hydrate and prep the skin - it's now my go to pre-makeup product"

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