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CGD London - business as usual journal


✓ Business building journal
✓ Learn the keys to starting a successful business
✓ Guides you through your business plan
Checklists for a smooth startup

Our Business As Usual journal contains eight sections to help you turn your idea into a successful business. From developing your ideas to financing your project and who you should hire, this is the must-have journal for every wannabe entrepreneur.

Start by getting into the nitty-gritty of your idea and figuring out what you are passionate about. Create a branding mood board and a marketing plan, plus fill in the exercises to figure out who your ideal customer is and what your competition is doing.

Use the later chapters to work through your financial goals for the business and finish the journal with your very own one-page business plan.

Designed to change how you think about your business, this journal will empower you to create a strategy and dedicate yourself to your goal of starting a business.

  • Eight chapters: Your big idea, Who are you working for, Building your brand, A little competition is healthy, Mastering your marketing, Be more social, Money on your mind, and Growing your business. 
  • Seven lined notes pages

Besides tips, tricks, advice, and exercises each chapter includes:

  • A weekly timed plan 
  • Two to do pages with space for checklists 
  • Two top goals and actions pages 
  • One start-up checklist 
  • Four lined notes pages

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