Doers Of London

Doers Of London Body Wash

  • A gentle yet powerful natural body wash, that nourishes the skin and respects its natural moisture. Formulated with powerful organic and natural ingredients, working with you so you can work harder... and smell better doing it.

  • The body wash is lightly scented by the natural ingredients, it lathers easily and can be used from head to toe, morning and night, or whenever the grind demands.

  •    Organic Green Tea. 

    Contains Polyphenols with antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

       Organic Evening Primrose Oil.

    A great source of essential fatty acids, a fundamental building block of the skin's surface layer, increases natural moisture retention and supports the skin lipid barrier.

       Green Coffee and Avocado Oil.

    Contains vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants which reinforce, smooth and enhance the skin texture.

       Frankincense and Bergamot.

    Naturally fights against body odour, while the natural fragrance aids relaxation, and reduces stress.

  • 300ml

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