DR JACKSON'S Face & Eye Essence 50ml

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Refreshing gel toner


Dark circles, puffy eyes, a dull complexion, gravity taking its toll; we all have those mornings when our skin needs a bit of a pep talk. Our 05 Face And Eye Essence will reverse a multitude of sins and restore skin to its optimum condition.

Whether you’re suffering from a bad night’s sleep, jet lag, overexposure or an intense session at the gym, this refreshing and firming gel toner is like a tall, cool drink - for you and your skin. The natural ingredients in the 05 Face And Eye Essence are rich in vitamin C, nourishing, tightening and brightening to banish eye bags, rescue thirsty skin cells and make your complexion glow. A lightweight, soothing formula with fragrant botanicals, the act of smoothing it onto your skin is an invigorating treat in itself, even before all those nutrients have had the chance to kick in.

*Clinical trials have confirmed that this product shows good skin compatibility in subjects with a history of skin atopy (eczema or skin allergies).

Baobab seed oil and kigelia fruit extract:nourishing baobab and kigelia even out skin tone and promote elasticity for a healthy, youthful texture.

Damask rose flower water, aloe leaf juice and roman chamomile flower: calming rose water, aloe and chamomile alleviate puffiness and enliven the complexion for instant rejuvenation.

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