Grown Alchemist

GROWN ALCHEMIST twin-set handwash & handcream, 2x500ml


Grown Alchemist’s Hand Cream & Hand Wash Twinset features two, 500ml bottles of the exquisite Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Sage Hand Wash and Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream, presented in an elegant, beribboned box. Lightly foaming and effortlessly effective, the soothing hand wash not only smells good enough to eat, but refreshes and detoxifies skin without dehydrating hard working hands.

With coconut oil to cut-through oil-based dirt and grime, and cold-pressed sweet orange essence to promote deep hydration, this is the perfect way to elevate hand washing from mundane to the sublime! The reparative hand cream – infused with sea buckthorn berry extract to promote tissue regeneration and accelerate healing, alongside soothing aloe vera and collagen-boosting orange peel oil – then strengthens tissue and protects against the ravages wrought by exposure to the elements.

Grown Alchemist Twin Set is a gorgeous gift for your favourite one! This is a delectable duo, guaranteed to delight any lucky recipient. 

Vegan. Free from petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, synthetics, fragrance and animal derivatives.

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