Holistic Silk

Holistic Silk- Anti aging Silk Pillow Case

£45 £85

Pure Silk Pillowcase

Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, our luxurious fair made silk slip prevents facial creasing and pull so protects and soothes the face and delicate eye area whilst you sleep. Great to prevent morning frizz and extend the life of straightening and blow drying treatments. Recommended by Stylists, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

Our beautifully made hypoallergenic 100% luxurious weight Satin Silk pillowcase is super smooth and friction free, deterring facial creasing, damage to skin cells and split ends whilst you sleep. 

Silk contains Sericin which mirrors the protein structure of hair, which means hair is protected as it glides over Silk ensuring it is frizz free in the morning.  Unlike cotton, Satin Silk won't absorb your valuable night creams or natural moisture, actually helping to absorb and retain natural moisture throughout the night, leaving skin hydrated and nourished and hair silky smooth.  

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