Holistic Silk

Holistic Silk - Limited Eye Mask

£30 £55

Limited Edition Eye Mask

Our award winning Eye Mask design, in Limited Edition seasonal prints, created to give you deeper, more restorative sleep.  With soothing natural dried Lavender and two comfortable tie once ribbons. Totally blocks out light.

Our Limited Edition Eye Mask combines hand selected classic and contemporary prints, exquisite brocades and textured fabrics with our classic shape.

Ergonomically designed, our mask gently rests on the cheekbones and forehead for maximum comfort with soft velvet ties for an adaptable, non-restrictive, 'don’t know I am wearing it' fit. Tie once for a perfect fit then simply slip on and off.

Totally blocks out all light, aiding deep restorative sleep, perfect for sufferers of insomnia, anxiety and migraine.

Filled with pure dried Lavender, proven to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and instantly promote relaxation.

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