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Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Pollution Mask

Smog, dusty city air, allergies and viruses are all becoming more of a nuisance.

Enjoy cleaner air with our hypoallergenic Silk Anti Pollution Mask made using beautiful pure silk prints to offer super stylish, hygienic protection.

Comes with two disposable active carbon sheets which attract and filter invisible particles up to PM2.5 in size.


Designed to cover both mouth and nose,our beautifully styled Anti Pollution Masks are made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk.

Featuring soft, gently elasticated ear loops for a comfortable fit, each mask comes complete with two disposable active carbon sheets.  These filter out non-visible particle matter up to PM2.5 in size - that's 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair!

Simply insert one carbon filter between the Silk layers of the pollution mask and wear.

Each active carbon insert lasts 30 days from opening. 

Replacement filters are available to purchase separately, please see the dropdown.

Comes in both Medium and Large sizes.

Please note these are not medical grade masks so should not be used as such and cannot be considered 100% effective against infection and pollution.

Useful Information

Dimensions - does not inlcude 4cm chin flap.

Medium: Approx 24cm x 14.5cm (our original size)

Large :   Approx 28cm x 15.5cm

Each Silk Anti Pollution Mask comes with a reusable Linen Storage Bag.

Care:  Hand wash with a gentle detergent and dry naturally.  

Please remember to remove the carbon filter before washing or dry cleaning.

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