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Psychic Sisters Adventurine Wand

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Reclaim your youth with Psychic Sisters Holistic Facial Wand helps to plump the skin leaving you with a radiant vibrant glow. A non surgical way to reduce wrinkles on the face and neck. 

Aventurine: helps with tissue repair, balance, relax & calm the skin.

It is thought that using crystals for massage can help balance the body’s energies and increase overall well-being. These handheld crystal massagers are an excellent place to start. All facial tools are branded and comes in a elegant box and instructions.

Wands can be used to massage the face, neck & eyes, 


Apply either a serum, oil or cream to a clean face. 

1, Press & stroke along the facial contours as shown, eight sweeps in each direction to increase circulation to the skin.

2, Using the tips of the tool to press & rotate slowly on the acupressure points

3 Stroke the tool gently beneath the eyes, or over any puffiness 

Place Wand in the refrigerator for min of 10 minutes before use to reduce puffiness, & increase circulation, 

Psychic Sisters has cleansed this Facial Wand with sage & infused it with healing vibrations. 

“If using with products, clean carefully with mild soap” 

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