Seoulista beauty luxury brush duo


Transform your clinic-inspired Instant Facial™ into a custom treatment for your face, neck and body. The super-fine, antimicrobial bristles ensure a targeted, hygienic and clean application of the potent serums generously included in our Advanced Clinic Formulation™ prestige formulations, enabling you to make the most of their hard-working, anti-ageing skincare properties.


Step 1: Open your Advanced Clinic Formulation Instant Facial™ and remove pouch. Apply your Instant Facial™ as per the pack instructions and store the pouch upright.
Step 2: Lift the pouch and pour the serum from the sachet into a small bowl. Get every last drop by rolling the pack.
Step 3: Dip the small brush into the bowl and tap off excess. Using a tapping movement, stroke the face brush around the eye contour, jawline and lips to target areas the facial can't reach.
Step 4: Gently dip the body brush into the bowl and tap off excess. Stroke the body brush down the neck, arms and chest for a full body treatment.
Step 5: Wait 20 minutes, then remove the Instant Facial™ and dispose of in your recycling bin.
Step 6: Take the small brush and using the last of the serum, contour around the cheek, eye and lip area for a natural skin glow.

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