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Sister & Co Raw Coconut Drink For Hair

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A potent blend of cold-pressed plant oils and pure essential oils, this hair treatment restores and replenishes dry, damaged or colour-treated hair from within, transforming its appearance and manageability without weighing it down. At the same time the treatment works to intensively nourish the scalp, promoting growth of healthy hair. 

What's inside:

Sister & Co. Coconut Oil - coconut oil is one of the few natural plant oils that penetrates the hair shaft and does not just coat hair on the outside. This strengthens hairs' structure from the inside out to combat breakage.

Argan oil contains exceptionally high levels of vitamin E and helps protects hair from the destructive effects of free radicals and UV rays, keeping it looking youthful and full, sealing in moisture and adding shine and elasticity.

Macadamia oil is a rich source of palmitoleic acid which deeply nourishes the scalp and can help to strengthen hair follicles in their beds. 

Rosemary and mandarin stimulate the scalp while jasmine absolute adds a luxurious perfume. 

Raw Coconut Drink for Hair is suitable for all hair types and especially recommended for dry or damaged hair.

How to use: 

Apply to dry hair before washing. Starting at your hairline by your forehead, massage a small amount of oil into your scalp and through your hair and leave for at least 20 minutes allow hair to drink in the nutrients. Rinse thoroughly with your usual shampoo to remove the excess, repeating if necessary. For best results apply the treatment at least once a week.


100% natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten & dairy free, made with certified organic ingredients. 

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