Uma Ultimate Brightening Rose Power Cleanser

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Think the biggest benefits of the Spice Route were for your kitchen? Think again. UMA’s centuries-old, prized Ayurvedic cleansing recipe harnesses the unique benefits of spices such as nutmeg, orange peel, and peppermint to create a delightful experience that delivers a deep clean and brightens with every use. Dried flower extracts of marigold, chamomile, and hibiscus elevate the nutritional benefits of the blend, hydrating and restoring skin’s youthful glow. Precious rose petal powder rounds out this exquisite cleanser – delivering beauty, with a touch of royal luxury.

This gentle and exfoliating cleanser penetrates deep for a thorough cleanse that brightens with every use. Precious, powdered rose works to rapidly reduce unevenness and provide the skin with deep hydration, while calendula pacifies aggravated skin. Soothing chamomile purifies, cleaning up the surface of the skin. Oats and walnuts provide the perfect amount of exfoliation for a clear and smooth glow, while bentonite clay offers a rich boost of minerals not found in traditional cleansers. The combination of flowers and spices makes for the most divine sensory experience, promoting clear, healthier looking skin for every skin type.

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